8 American Homes – Photos, Plants and Details of the Projects

Today the theme is home american, but, I wanted to escape a little from that stereotype of the houses with coats of planks races, with roof tiles shingle and with those pediments that try to mimic the neo-classical style.

8 American Homes – Photos, Plants and Details of the Projects

In fact I have selected 8 projects american homes, but precisely projects are located in the United States, that bring a contemporary architecture, or are adaptations of old buildings for projects with interiors designed for the modern lifestyle.

Are houses that were designed by architecture firms and renowned that represent what is being designed currently in the United States.

House American 01 – ASH + ASH

A private residence of 280 m2 located in Portland, Oregon, designed by the architectural firm of Hennebery Eddy with a proposed sustainable to ensure the maximum comfort for its residents.

In the cover in addition to solar panels for water heating, the swimming pool, and also there are photovoltaic solar panels for energy generation.

The house ASH + ASH account with a system for capturing rain water, cover system automatic pool that reduces evaporation and water consumption.

The heating system in the interior of the house is made through a natural system that heats up coils below the floor and the cooling is done by

Windows triple glass provide high performance in acoustic isolation.

The architectural project also aimed at integrating the house into the landscape around her, creating several terraces with views to the surroundings and also environments, integrated with the garden, eliminating the barrier between the external and internal, establishing a connection between the area outside pool and the indoor area.

See the full design in the gallery below:

The reduction of the environmental impact and autonomy in the domestic part of the sustainable architecture, a concept that has been widely spread in the world, that guide the current projects and that will guide the future designs.

Home American 02 – C House

The second model home american is the C House, a house designed in 2008 by the architectural firm of Robert Maschke, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Built on a plot small close to the city, but with green landscapes surrounding with panoramic views of Lake Erie and at the same time with a view to the centre of the city.

The architectural project wanted to take advantage of these contrasting perspectives, their environments were thought to enjoy and to frame views of the outside.

Home American 03 – The Commerce House

The Commerce House is a house american located in the city of New York with 264 m2, with a design that houses 4 floors, three rooms and a garden terrace, all on a plot small and narrow.

It is an old house, a piece of the history of the city, which has been refurbished gaining internal spaces contemporary luxury design company of architecture and interior designGRID.

In the basement the house has a small garden in the rear of the property that has a connection with the living room, dining room and kitchen. Already the ground floor has a large living room and dining area for 10 persons, with a balcony overlooking the garden. At the second level are two bedroom suites and a circulation area which gives access to the master suite on the third level and the terrace garden on the roof.

A small apartment building that has been transformed into a luxurious house, only old houses with this configuration are very designed in mega-cities whose lands are scarce and are therefore more narrow.

Home American 04 – Holleb Residence

The fourth house on the american selected is the Holleb Residence, located in Santa Monica, California. Designed in 2011 by the architectural firm of John Friedman Alice Kimm, with 371 m2 built.

A luxury house, made for a family of 4 people, with large spaces. The program of the house is located the vertical circulation in the center of the plant, splitting the house between the front and the rear of the property.

In the front part of the ground floor is a garage for two cars, and a TV room that serves as guest room with private bathroom. The pedestrian entrance is by the central part, where lies the stair and a small washbasin. Already in the rear of the property the living and dining area are integrated into the open kitchen, the interior spaces are integrated with the garden.

On the second floor again, the plant splits in the front portion is the master bedroom with a large bathroom-bed and a small balcony. Also, a small intimate dining room with balcony.

The rooms of the children are facing to the funds, with a shared bathroom and a study room.

On the roof with access only by a double room with a small private terrace, in addition to solar energy system and solar heating.

The project values the natural lighting with the tears and empty spaces for the entry of light, efficient in all environments.

House American 05 – Sagaponack Cottage

The fifth is a simple house, the architectural design of the architect Makoid and interior project done by the Axis Mundi, there was in this project a duality intentional between the architectural design that sought a traditional view of the home field and the team of interior decided to create a contrast of style, bringing the house to the current times.

Located in a small village named Sagaponack in the town of Southampton, Suffolk county in New York.

A one-story house, which at first glance looks like a traditional country house, using the coating of tiles in the Hamptons in the external walls and windows guillotine type on the facade.

But, in its interior, the interior design is contemporary, with furniture refined and a relationship between the spaces very interesting.

The house has rooms integrated with a gourmet kitchen, and right behind it a deposit where are the fridge, the freezer and the pantry, next to the laundry room.
The corridor that gives access to the rooms is wide and has a counter on its entire length with books, giving access to the rooms that have private bathrooms.

To the funds, connecting with the social area of the house is a small balcony that gives access to the garden.

Home-The American 06 – Shipping Container House

A container house of 140m2, designed in 2010 by Studio H:T Architecture, located in Nederland, Colorado.

Built with two containers connected by a structure in concrete, the house proposes in its interior, the truth of the materials to not use any type of coating aesthetic, leaving will shows the structure and the nature of the materials used.

Inserted on a ridge mountain home takes advantage of views of the field in the core where the social areas. In one of the containers is the kitchen which is integrated with the living room, a laundry room and a guest room in the other container, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

On the mezzanine is the master bedroom with access to a deck with views of the countryside and the vegetation cover on the container.

Already on the roof of the mezzanine solar panels provide energy to the house. The project is designed based on energy efficiency, with passive cooling (without using energy), using the solar orientation and green roofs to keep the temperature pleasant inside.

It is a project that takes advantage of the area well useful, dispensing with the need for corridors of movement between the environments.

Home American 07 – West Village

The West Village, is more of a traditional home of New York city that was renovated by the architectural firm of Lubrano Ciavarra, in 2013.

The patio in the rear of the ground has been dug up and won a special wall made with the plateaus of the garden. As a living wall, this living space with external barbecue was integrated to the kitchen, and this is the dining room, on the basement level.

On the ground floor with direct access from the street, is the guest toilet and the living room, which has a glass window from floor to ceiling that opens completely to the garden, with a parapet made of steel strings stretched.

At the second level are two bedrooms that share a common bathroom, and one of the rooms was designed as a small tv room.

On the third floor is the master bedroom, a bathroom with lighting zenital (by the cover), a TV room and a staircase that leads to coverage.The coverage has been transformed into a garden lawn, with gourmet space.

Home American 08 – Westport River House

To close this selection of american homes, a project of casa de campo, made by RUHL WALKER Architecture in 2011, in Westport, Massachusetts.

Built on a slope, smooth in front of the River, Westport, the home focuses on the views of its surroundings and brings in its essence the life style of their owners, which is known for cooking and receive a lot of friends.

The architectural design was a renovation of a colonial house, the project was redesigned to gain a contemporary aesthetic, while improving the views to the outside area.

To minimize the costs of reform the project continued with reduced dimensions, according to the program needs of the clients, and to better enjoy the spaces and the circulation areas are small. To increase the feel of space and large windows make a visual connection between the inside and the outside, giving the impression that the house is bigger. As well as the integrated spaces also provide a feeling of ample space.

Somehow the choice of materials to finish this house american up to reflect the traditional style, but the relationship between the spaces, between the external and internal environments emphasize the new proposals architectural.

If you sought inspiration in the designs of american homes, I hope that this post has been helpful, bringing current concepts of what is being built in the United States.

Remembering that here in Brazil we also have excellent architects and architecture firms such as Studio Guilherme Torres, LAB606, 3.4 Architecture, Mareines + Patalano, Carla Juaçaba, Fernanda Marques, Anastasia Architects, Studio Arthur Casas, Leo Roman, FC Studio, UNA Arquitetos, Studio MK27 and thousands of professionals who also develop great projects of architecture, and the best adapted to the climate and to the brazilian culture.

A big hug and until the next post!



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