Appliances That Have Changed History, Furniture from Your Printer and Magnetic Refrigeration at Engadget Smart Home

A dismissal has made the delivery of the best of Xataka Smart Home has been delayed a week, so this time I bring you the most interesting in home automation and technology to the home of the last 15 days.

What most caught my attention was the statements of has-Joom Chand, who said bluntly that the washer has been more important than the internet, as he was a great deliverance, since hand washing required much more time and effort.

Also found me very interesting article on how magnetic cooling, a cooling system which we will see in the fridges of the future, it may also be the kitchen of the future Stealth Kitchen, a modular kitchen that goes unnoticed when we don’t use it.

We are still looking to the future, but this time one ever closer, allowing us to print our own furniture in 3D, allowing us to reality everything that we have in our mind without having to go through a costly process of industrialization.

We have just this review to the best of Xataka Smart Home listening to a little music with Aether, a speaker with the autonomy necessary to choose the music you play each time, and that you will learn of our tastes and habits.