Artilujos, Recycled Furniture East Fair Weekend in The Slaughterhouse

Artilujos, the first recycled furniture market, organizes your new pop-up store next weekend, 8 and 9 March. On this occasion, the exhibition of furniture upcycling (Word that refers to the process of converting any waste or other new product, best quality material or environmental value). Made by Spanish designers and artisans You can enjoy in The design headquarters in slaughterhouse, DIMAD, in Schedule 11 to 21 hours. Admission, as always, is free.

The sample consists of one hundred pieces, many of which will be on sale through But, in addition, is conceived as a a meeting point with whom they have designed and produced each of the chairs, tables, lamps, armchairs… as part of the initiative. In fact, there will be a cantina during the weekend to take something between artilujos.

The project, developed by the team of Ephimera, It works by becoming a platform connecting designers and craftsmen associated with the mrotary vane upcycling with the public that demands for their products. In Artilujos a bovine cable disused former can become on a table or in a rocking chair; an old sail can have a second life as hammock; and parts of an engine can be recovered in the form of lamp.

My favorite the armchair Di.Vina, with more than 400 caps of recycled corks, embroidered with natural fiber on a mesh of iron that supports. Do not you think di-vi-no?

Since the project was presented, last November, has not stopped incorporate artisans and designers.

According to Elena García-Arevalo and Maria Alvarez, two of the driving forces behind Artilujos:

In our next pop up, they will be around a hundred parts. Without Internet, Artilujos would have never been able to exist but we are aware that the virtual has to know how to engage in dialogue with the physical, with the pleasure of seeing and touching furniture original, unique and made by hand. For this reason, we are especially happy to organize this exhibition from the hand of DIMAD. We could not have an ally better.
We defend that recycling is not a panacea. There is to shoot and destroy then returns to create other new things with them. It is a costly process requiring lots of energy Why bet by give a second life to these objects. A second life in the form of unique furniture, handmade and on a sustainable basis.

I think a whacked for the weekend, shop around for Artilujos, the fair of furniture recycled this weekend at the slaughterhouse