Decor in Beach Houses | Rustic Elements

Summer and holidays take us back to moments of tranquility and rest. Those who has a beach house tend to associate the trip summer the a period of relaxation. But when we arrived at our destination not always find this paradise on the first day of vacation. As the houses are long empty, we have to organize everything as if it were a new change.

Decor in Beach Houses Rustic Elements 1

A way to always bring about an air of happiness to your summer travel is to invest in a decoration that allows you to feel in a home. The decorations cottages are cozy and very stylish. They can take inspiration boho or colonial, depending on the personality of the residents. Let’s explore some common elements in rustic decor that will make your home even more comfortable:


Either because of pallets, trunks, branches, roots, or industrial, civil construction, the wood recycled are perfect to give an air of rustic to your décor. The use of them has become a trend in houses in Cabo Frio, in the northern State of Rio de Janeiro and region, arousing the interest of those who usually attend the coast of rio de janeiro.
It is worth noting that recycled wood or old does not mean the wood dirty or ugly. Today there are various experts and artisans who work with this type of wood and transform the waste in luxury.

The recycled wood can be used for making furniture such as centre tables in living rooms and bookcases, headboards bed in the bedroom, or even as panels of decoration fixed to the wall.

Important to remember that any decoration with wood requires special care. So, make sure that when you clean it, you will use products specific for wood and pass a good layer of varnish when it is necessary. Maintenance such as this are essential for it to last for a long time and stay beautiful.

Decor in Beach Houses Rustic Elements 2


The colors bring so much life to the environments. To highlight a few colors in environments monochromatic is a fun way to brighten up your rustic decor. Invests principally in primary colors, like blue, red and yellow, in time to give a pop in your decor. The use of points of colors in specific places of the decoration can take various forms. It may be a footer color, frames, window, furniture color or even cushions, rugs and throws.

Another interesting alternative is to highlight the colors through the paper wall in the corners strategic. When associated with the wood or materials that are more rustic, can ensure the air of coziness desired.


The gardens and small vegetable gardens are classic decorations rustic, reminding very much the home of our grandparents. However, nowadays not every beach house has a large leisure area. Therefore, the vertical gardens are an option that takes up little space and gives you, literally, to life on any wall.
The vertical gardens the most common are made into bars or a lattice of wood, with crates attachments where you put the potted plants. These grids can also be made of wire or other metallic material. It is possible to do, in the same style, a living wall with some kind of climbing plant, such as alamanda and the congéia. Complete with potted ferns hanging from the ceiling and voila!

Decor in Beach Houses Rustic Elements 3


A material that can be both rustic and luxurious is the rattan. Its origin is from the fiber of a species of palm tree creeper that was born in Asia and Oceania call become silent Rotang. Here in Brazil, however, is called rattan any twisted fiber, be it rattan, reed, cane of india, or other. By being malleable and durable, rattan is one of the most versatile materials that exist. The furniture with details of rattan most commonly found are sofas, centre tables and baskets decorative. It is an example of the material used in the crafts of high quality.

If the furniture of rattan is well taken care of, it can last for years! For this, keep it clean using a soft, dry cloth or soft cloth dampened in a solution of water and neutral soap. In part braided, just use a brush. It should stay under a roof, protected from the sun and rain. Even so, take care at the time of purchase, as they are often sold furniture rattan made only with the bark of the plant, that is, the liaça, that can break easily.


And to finalize, it is clear that we could not forget the famous hammock, a symbol of relaxation that the season of summer brings us. Whether simple or more elaborate, the primary function of the network is the comfort. The origin of the hammocks comes from the indigenous tribes, especially the Guarani. In the beginning they were made of vines and lianas.

Those seeking a summer home for the season in the Angra dos Reis or Cabo Frio you can abuse the historical references of the people who already inhabited, and still inhabits the region even before the arrival of the colonizers.
For those who want to combine the practicality of the network with the sophistication of the house, there are some models that can be found. The most common is the simple network which can include up to two adults or 180kg, have tissue less full-bodied and finishes basic. There is also the intermediate network, that are more wide and long, can support up to 200kg and are made with fabrics more noble. And finally, we have the network for you! These accommodate up to 3 people and have the details on fabric and wood, with special attention to the craftsmanship. All of which can be found in different prints and materials. When choosing the best option for your home, consider the environment as a whole and how well the network fits the best in him.