Decorated Home Walls

Just go into someone’s house to know a little more about their personality. It is in choosing elements to decorate our homes that we end up showing a little of our particular tastes and preferences. And, the wall ends up being the most fun part of decorating in a house – depending on how it’s used, it can become the center of attention as it can receive pictures, photographs, wallpapers and coatings from the most diverse . Just decide how best to decorate it so that the whole environment gets a new look.

Many people are afraid to dare into ornamentation and, over time, get sick of the type of decor they choose. If you are that type of person, do not worry, there are many materials easy to apply and withdraw after a certain time. And, if you really care about the investment you have to make to improve the look of your little corner, relax! There are options for all pockets, just choose the one that suits you best.

To understand more about the types of decorative items available in the market, check out the list below with images to inspire you and some explanations from architect Roberta Zaghe, owner of Casa Quadrada .

1. When in doubt, use the same color palette in your decor

The natural tone of the apparent brick combines very well with the freijó wood. You can put together more rustic and other more elegant ornaments without fear of mixing different styles, since the brick is very versatile and can go well with many styles of decoration.

2. Clear walls give amplitude to the environment

In the case of this space, it was decided to use walls of stones of light tone, leaving the environment lighter. But care must be taken because if the environment is poorly lit and the coating is darker, the effect may be otherwise.

3. The combination of a cheerful color palette with the exposed brick left the most modern and cozy space

“The brick is being used a lot. Its origin comes from the great old factories of the English industrial revolution, but in some cities like Bogota and Madrid its use is very intense, due to little maintenance and memorable aesthetics”, as Zaghe explains, this type of decoration does not demand much maintenance, So it may be the solution for many people who do not wish to invest much.

4. The space of the ornate dining room with apparent bricks is another example of its practicality and diversity

There are many ways to use this décor on your walls, especially if you do not want to dirty your kitchen or any other space. Some opt for platelets, which simulate the original material very well or for wallpapers that also recreate the feel of the brick. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

5. Your old wall can be reused by leaving so-called”demolition bricks” in view

Adding plants and vegetables brings more vivacity to this type of decoration, leaving the environment more welcoming. Choose well where this type of wall will be used, because in cold periods the material of the bricks ends up making the room even colder.

6. The white brick reveals a more contemporary style and leaves the environment less rustic

“The most used colors for ornamentation are those of natural bricks: brown, red tile, a little more yellowish. But in many spaces also the white brick is used mainly,”says Zaghe.

7. The balcony receives natural touch with large stones of relief

The decorative stones reify the nature and combine very well with external environments. Like the brick, the cost-benefit of this article is very good, since they do not require the workmanship for painting and the need for constant maintenance.

8. The long window ends up being framed by the stones and brings nature into the room

Zaghe says that in Brazil, in addition to decorative stones being widely used on facades, they are also being widely used on interior walls. The tip is to choose a prominent wall for the application.

9. Featured picture

“When we talk about works of art of greater importance, or of significant dimensions, it is legal to give preference to an empty wall, so it will be more valued,” explains Zaghe.

10. Choose attractive frames that match the contents of the frame

The engravings on the wall leave the room with a creative atmosphere. When in doubt, select a color palette and add as many frames as you wish, in this case we can notice the predominance of black and green water.

11. The tables are able to change the decor of any environment

The place where the frames will be fixed is also very important. They can make up just one special environment, or they can also be arranged to connect different environments, such as the dining room and the bar for friends.

12. The trimmer gives color to the neutral tones of the entrance hall

The most interesting of the pictures is the diverse content they can receive. Just like the photographs, this is the best way to show the tastes and personality of those who live in the house.

13. The mirrors may be used as a background for the works

The tables, together with the coatings, often end up having the function of delimiting spaces, such as this living room that even integrated the kitchen receives a unique decoration.

14. Black wall, what’s up?

Zaghe gives some more interesting directions.”Another cool tip is to value your work with the wall color where it will be installed. We used one of our artwork on a black wall, and it looked fantastic! We also used a spotlight with electro-spots, and the result was a museum-style wall in a super contemporary room,”he says.

15. The choice of mustard yellow next to woody left the living room with a more vintage air

The arrangement of the pictures was very well applied in this room, the two neutral color images harmonized very well with the whole and gave more prominence to the central work.

16. The stripes refer to a more sober style and the navy blue color reflects the navy style in the decoration

“The wallpaper came about 200 years ago BC in China. Then, in the sixteenth century, it began to be used in Europe to decorate the walls by replacing the tapestries and still translating all the medieval glamor of the time. Today, more than 2000 thousand years later and with many evolutions, the wallpaper is still very high,”explains Zaghe.

17. When incorporated into white, red becomes lighter and makes it ideal for large, well-lit environments

Before purchasing your wallpaper, be sure to analyze the visual impact of your colors and patterns, and also whether ambient lighting will be favorable.

18. The most subtle wallpaper is a great choice for small rooms

This is a great choice for decorating walls if you want to transform the environment simply and quickly, and especially without works.

19. The wall with mirror bronze reflects the striped pattern and gives the impression of continuity

The bronze, which is high, when coupled with the timeless striped wallpaper results in a balanced and sophisticated composition.

20. Children’s rooms deserve fun colors in the decoration

Zaghe emphasizes yet another benefit of the wallpaper: the enormous variety of different options, textures and formats. For the architect, regardless of style, there will always be a wallpaper to satisfy you.

21. The lighting game appreciated the decoration and ensured a more intimate atmosphere to the environment.

Once again, we chose the striped wallpaper, this one in the colors gray, gold and yellow brought originality to the kitchen of the loft that was integrated into the room.

22. The chandelier adorned the wallpaper and gave the finishing touch that the dining room needed

Although the wallpapers are widely used in rooms and bedrooms, they can also be considered in walls of bathrooms and toilets.”There are specific papers for these areas, called vinyls, they are washable and more resistant,” says Zaghe.

23. The wallpaper can also be applied over doors to increase the visual dimension of the wall

The architect states that if the care specified by the manufacturer is taken into account with regard to maintenance and usage rules, the wallpapers can last for more than 15 years.

24. The adhesive on the wall can give a totally relaxed face to the environment.

Enjoy to invest in elements that reflect your personality, such as this world map of wines, which in addition to being creative is functional.

25. It is possible to use phrase stickers and words without polluting the environment

The traditional white wall received stickers that complimented the look of the room, making it more interesting. The tip is to make use of walls of more neutral colors and add creative stickers.

26. Choose colorful stickers and let your kitchen more cheerful

The patchwork fever hit the stickers. To adhere to fashion and at the same time avoid making too much dirt in your kitchen, use stickers that simulate the appearance of tiles and tiles.

27. The delicacy of the tree adhesive forms a great combination with the lilac of the wall

If you like stickers, but do not want to dare too much, just add one detail that harmonizes with the rest of the environment. In this case, the tree matches the furniture while smoothing the color of the wall.

28. The set of lights used in this room enhances the modern decor

The use of stickers along with other decorative items is very common, as in this room, in which the silhouette of a person playing guitar complements the instruments that adorn the other wall.

29. Play with the depth of disposition of your elements

The interesting thing about the stickers is that in addition to being applied anywhere in the house, it is possible to use the imagination and create unique walls, such as the one that refers to the movie”The Wizard of Oz”.

30. The red present in each detail contrasts with the other shades of the room

Again we can notice the use of patchwork adhesives, which shows their versatility with regard to the application. In this case, the result was an elegant combination with the wood flooring.

31. White and woody form a sophisticated combination

In this room we opted for a more rustic finish in only one of the walls, made with demolition wood. In addition, a space production with several frames framed.

32. Use well-lit places to enhance your adornment

The entrance hall with wood elements combined with the travertine marble floor is ideal for those who wish to have the touch of the wood in the environment, however do not wish to cover an entire wall.

33. The wine cellar forms a charming combination with the living room

The wood inserts are great options to leave the decoration more delicate, besides giving prominence to the most important walls and guarantee texture to the decoration.

34. The simple use of wood flooring in living rooms gives another appearance to the environment

Zaghe explains that,”we are currently using MDF boards with laser cutting. The designs are as diverse as possible, and the result looks like a beautiful lace carved in wood by hand.”

35. Pieces of wood leave the country-like environment

When well planned, it is possible to use creativity and do everything with the wood flooring. In this room, for example, there is a cellar-bar, a fireplace and a hiding place for the air conditioning, all done by means of a carpentry project, which used demolition wood and lacquer.

36. The piece of wood can become the main element of the environment

The wood carving composes practically the entire white wall and gives movement to the environment. The result is a lighter, contemporary room.

37. Each element of this decoration draws attention to its modern and sophisticated style

“For those who think that wood is related only to rustic environments is wrong! Many sophisticated and contemporary environments are using wood as the main material.”Says Zaghe.

38. Joviality is present in every element of this room

Have you thought about customizing your room and being able to write an inspiring phrase every time you felt like it? Using slates in the decor allows you to do this and even use entire walls to exercise your imagination.

39. The yellow color gave the office a more fun and cool look

One of the advantages of choosing to coat your wall with a blackboard is that there are different options of materials on the market, such as the paint that when passed on the wall gains the appearance and texture of a blackboard. And, also, a sticker that is enough to be glued to the wall so that it can already be used.

40. The fun of the dining room is due to the drawings made on the wall

The black slate wall composes the atmosphere of this super cozy kitchen, in addition to harmonizing with the colors of the room. Black is a wild color and therefore can be used in various places around the house.

41. The green water next to the white leaves the environment more calm and relaxing

The traditional slate can also be used as a decoration on the wall of your home. Although not as versatile as the chalkboard, it also has its charm.

42. The moisture present in the bathroom does not prevent it from being also decorated with the blackboard ink

Architect Roberta Zaghe comments that painted walls are very entertaining, and there are no restrictions on their use. They can be used in children’s bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even in gourmet areas.

43. You can also use the wall as a giant post-it

“The strong point of this typology is that your environment will always have a personal and personalized touch, since you, your family and friends will always be customizing,” explains Zaghe.

44. Do you know that old bike that you do not use anymore? Use it in your decoration, you can even customize it

The ecological vibe is present in this bathroom, which despite having all the walls in black, won a surprise element that ended up leaving everything lighter.

45. Value your living room and combine the finish with a large mirror piece

This dining room received a 3D coating of exposed brick that ended up harmonizing very well with the mirror and the painted glasses on the sides. It is always very important to take into account what is being reflected in the mirror, there are cases where the reflex ends up being unwanted, producing a visual pollution.

46. ​​The application of many mirrors gives the sensation of infinity

The trick of using large parts to give the feeling of amplitude always works, especially when coating the entire wall.

47. The room had its decoration complemented with decorative elements

For Zaghe, mirrors make a more sophisticated environment, the architect’s tip is to use them by doing composition in dining rooms or standing behind dressers.

48. Large space environments may also have large amounts of mirrors

The dining room received a wooden panel with some mirrors on its surface. The walls need not necessarily be clear to match with mirrors, in which case the mirrors softened the dark tone of the wood.

49. By occupying the entire wall, the mirror increases the visual field of the room

If you think that just the mirror in your decor is not enough, do as in that dining room, in which washers have been applied spaced.

50. The pendant next to the large table is a great combination for large rooms

“A beautiful frame will add more nobility to your mirror,” says Zaghe. In the dining room example, the rectangular mirrors were applied so that the white wall could frame them and bring about an unusual look in the room.

51. The mirror that has also become a picture goes totally beyond the traditional

The mirror frame is a daring option for those who want something different. Walls of solid mirrors can be tiresome, so there are more contemporary ways of using it in decorations.

52. The golden one breaks the rusticity of the wood and brings refinement to the place

The architect Zaghe looks to us to be careful with the excesses, because a room or room with many mirrors can end up being confusing and stressful. In this case, the space, besides being ample, does not have many details, so the use of several mirrors ended up giving even more charm to the environment.

53. The apparent bricks made a great combination with the set of featured images.

Black and white images are classic and go well anywhere in the house, often portraying memories and provoking contemplation.

54. To avoid having to fix each photo individually on the wall, get supporters and put as many as you like

The hallway is an area of ​​the house that also deserves to be decorated. In this apartment it was necessary to make a special illumination to highlight the photographs of the wall.

55. The photo panel makes the room even more cozy

“When it comes to photos, I imagine two types of organization: Small photos and big ones. When they are several small photos they should be grouped and organized on one wall,”says Zaghe. The pendants help illuminate the black and white photographs and also end up replacing the traditional lamp.

56. Exposing your photographs to the decor can be a way of showing affection and love.

To give harmony and create a unity, Zaghe gives the hint of organizing the photographs at the same distance from each other.

57. The posters are framed by the dark wall

“The ideal is to create a central height (about 1.60 meters from the ground, which is the average height of the people) and from there, install their pictures”, explains Zaghe. In the case of posters, this tip may change, since it is important that on at least a strip of space at the top of the wall.

58. The brown background complements the pictures organized on the shelf.

As far as his personal taste is concerned, Zaghe claims to prefer to create a more concise pattern, for example, the same frame colors with different typologies (classical, straight, Venetian) or the same typology of different colors.

59. The decorative vessels complement well both external and internal spaces

The entrance to this property received a bevelled mirror panel and a luxurious chandelier. However, it is the natural images on the wall that give movement and tranquility to space.

60. The mirror in the middle works perfectly in the composition as it reflects the golden work located on the other side of the room

The use of frames in the decoration of walls with photographs is optional, but in this case, the framed image gains magnificence and completes the living room.

61. If you do not want to stick your walls, touch the tables on tables or sideboards, surely your space gains a charm more

The texture is an interesting option to the conventional painted wall. In this dining room was applied a type of 3D pyramid-shaped synthetic stone, leaving only a strip for the mirror.

62. With the textures the white wall ceases to be monotonous and even dispenses other decorative elements

The more traditional textures are made by hand, using the wall paint itself to create patterned designs. But with the advancement in material diversification, and in order to save time and avoid much dirt, many different types of textured coatings have been commercially available.

63. The room for children can also receive a differentiated texture

Using neutral color textures in baby rooms avoids extra expenses in the future, as this type of decoration looks good at any stage of life. In this room, the children’s decoration was due to the shelf stuffed with stuffed animals and mini pots.

64. Dark colors are elegant, especially in textured panels

Today there are numerous types of texture on the market. The one I use most in my projects are textures that mimic concrete. Industrial architecture is on the rise again, and this kind of texture brings a vintage air that this style calls for,”explains architect Zaghe.

65. The contemporary and the classic mix in this space

The joy that the yellow color brings to the environment is undeniable, so you can take advantage of the wide variety of style and color that the textured coating allows and bet on that color in your environment.

66. The different coatings of each wall give different personalities to the environments

The texture coating hides any defect that the wall may have, leaving any old wall with a new face. Using different textures for each wall is very common and can be a good request if you want to refresh the look of a room.

67. Succulent plants are delicate and combine with the most varied places in the house

This dining room has as its main decorative element its wall clad with an extremely contemporary 3D texture. The predominance of the white was valued by the present lighting.

68. Ceiling lighting helps to lengthen the room

Plaster allows a wide variety of styles, to help you choose your favorite, take into consideration the other coverings that will adorn your space.

69. The decorative vessels are fundamental in the decoration

Plaster may also come coating only part of the wall, as in the case of this room. Located at the time of the vision, it does not need any other decorative element.

70. The lights emanating from the wood panel create a distinctive environment

The effect caused by the plaster is unique and gives personality to the environment. This material can be used not only in homes, but also in businesses and businesses, without worries.

71. Coating 3D gets even more prominent due to the sober decoration

The application of plaster is summarized in two types, the first is when the application is made direct in the so-called masonry, and the second consists of a structure already mounted under the wall.

72. To contribute with the clean decoration of the bathroom, nothing better than adding plaster in its natural color

It is common for people to look for the plaster to be added as finishing on the ceiling of their homes. However, it can also come decorating entire walls, including bathrooms.

73. The walls gain more movement with the plaster finish

It is possible to find this type of coating in store windows too, as its application is relatively easy and any professional in the area can advise on future maintenance.

74. The plaster wall in the background gives volume to the wall and leaves the bathroom even more luxurious

“The great advantage of gypsum boards is that they are inexpensive and quick to execute, and above all can result in beautiful decorations,” says Zaghe.

75. The fabric allows the application to be made also in other elements of the room

The textile material, like the one used in this room, can refer to the most different atmospheres. In this case, the decor is country-themed, the wall combines with the cushions and the bedspread.

76. The green details reveal a warm and pleasant place

The kitchen with details of the typical American houses received the application of the fabric printed on all its walls. The main advantage of using fabric, for Zaghe, is the low cost when compared to the wallpapers. The result is similar even without the need for a skilled manpower.

77. The headboard received a fabric of cheerful colors and fun print

Just like the wallpapers, the fabrics are diverse and can suit all tastes. To facilitate the application of the material, try to acquire the fabric in the right size of the wall.

78. The ease in combining bed elements with the wall is great, since the fabrics can be applied to almost all materials

“The wall does not need to be completely flat, and the material used is basically glue and fabric. The result is like the wallpaper, but with that hand made style,”adds Zaghe.

79. Due to the similarity, it can be difficult to differentiate the wallpaper from the fabric

It is already possible to find fabrics that already come with stickers suitable to be applied on walls and some, even waterproof, ready to be used in bathrooms and wet areas.

80. The pied de poule print looks good on both clothing and decoration materials

Regardless of the type of fabric you choose it is possible to apply it yourself on the walls of your home. The process is simple and does not demand much material. The tip is to start from top to bottom and always ensure at least a handful of fabric to do the finishing.

Trend in wall decoration: the lick-lick

The architect Roberta Zaghe also insisted on finding out about the newest trend among designers and architects: the lick-lick. Again, the expression lick-lick has nothing, since it was used a long time ago as a name given to street photographers, but after some time became adhere to advertising to name commercial posters, explains Zaghe.

“Today, we have brought the lick-lick into the more detached houses, coloring walls in a different way. The result is a wallpaper with an aesthetic of street art. And the best, you can do it very easily and fun. There are numerous stores that sell the material ready. But with creativity, a good printer and white glue, you can develop in your own home and decorate your walls in a personalized way.”

After being inspired by the list of different decorated environments, how about leaving the smooth and monotonous walls aside to gamble on new trends? Use your creativity and choose the décor that suits you the most.


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